I Dunno

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ok. post ni xde pape yg penting pn. aku jz nk tujukn kt sorg kwn aku.
ntah nape. aku rse brsalah plk kt die. mgkn aku dh buat salah kt die.
tp aku mmg x tw pe. mgkn sbb 2 die jauh skrg.
korg yg x fhm buat x tw je la. korg blh je ckp aku poyo ke bodo ke pe.
it's ok. i know i am. yg fhm tu, fhm je la. thx 4 understanding.

okay. i just wanna say i really dont know what happened.
you mean i've changed? i'm not the old me?
well, in what? sorry. i dun knw. i dun realize.
so you mean i can't be your friends anymore? perhaps.
sorry and thx for everything, old friend.

yours truly,