I Need A Girl

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sudah lama tak layan lagu kan?

jom mari bersama melayan lagu ini
walaupun agak lagho. tapi takpe la. layan je.

I Need A Girl
Tae Yang feat G-Dragon


I'm tired of being alone
Sick of being single
I think I need me a girl
I need a girl like

One that speaks without thinking
Not a little child, but one that will embrace me
Not a girl that plays around sometimes when she's bored
But one that will only love me
Even if she stays still and guys hand her their phone
That kind of girl that will proudly take out and show my picture

Girl, I need a girl
Pretty no matter what she does
A pretty body, too
Girl, I need a girl
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

A kind of girl that looks better in jeans than a skirt
A girl that will eat the kimchi fried rice that I make instead
A girl who looks young even though she's old
I like that kind of girl
(Know what I mean)

A girl that acts shy, but knows how to be bold
Always pretends to careful of her behavior
But when you're with her
Hmm, y'all know what I'm talking about

Looks are not an issue
But a cute girl who knows style
Even though our hobbies are different
Our tastes are the same
A girl that I can relate to a lot
When we watch movies or listen to music

(Yes!) I love girls, girls I do adore
In front of people, she has principles as she plays
In front of me, she's like "Aing, I don't know"

A voice that wakes me up in the morning
(Morning Kiss) I want to start the day
I'll learn on your knees at night
As I listen to a lullaby
I want to dream of you

Make my heart race again
Make me able to create sweet songs again

You know don't need no more
It's just not like that
You're the person I want to give my heart to

Girl, I need a girl
Girl, I get, gotta make you're mine
I'm treat you right, baby

Girl, are you listening to me?
Baby, I need you
Girl, you need me, too

Girl, I need a girl


okay. post ini agak tidak memberikan faedah.
mintak maaf kepada mereka yang sanggup baca sampai habis.
saje je nak lepaskan tension.

need a girl. do you? guys?
fitrah la kan. tapi jangan la menyalahgunakan sebab tu.
memang la kita perlukan seorang perempuan.
perempuan melengkapkan seorang lelaki.

tapi macam mana mencari perempuan tersebut?
biarlah berlandaskan syariat Islam yang telah ditetapkan
lagipun bukankah jodoh Allah dah tentukan?

so jangan risau. insyaAllah. :)

LI Crew


Anonymous said...

hai AA:)

LI Crew said...

hai anda