Dating Mistakes

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Women. Please read this.

8 Dating Mistakes Women Make

1. Being Too Available

Trying to Rehabilitate
a Bad Boy

Looking for Perfection

Feeling Sorry
for Yourself

Knowing His Thread-Count
Before You Know
His Phone Number

Being Too Selfish in
Your Relationship

Believing in The One

Forgetting Your Manners

Women. Is that true?

So the conclusion is?

xyah la dating. buat maksiat je.
plus pening kepala. kena control ayu.
kena pikir mcm2. emosi terganggu.

ddk umah layan Spongebob lagi baik

LI Crew


Ainil Hawa said...

agree with you 200% hehe

LI Crew said...

exactly. hehe. thx.

Lil' Caliph said...

suke conclusion itu.

btw, im not a woman yet. jd xterasa. sj2 bc n kumen. hehe.

chaos said...

bab "believing in The One" 2 ak x stuju... there is nothing wrong in believing "The One"... everybody will have sum1 4 them... myb its not the time yet...

LI Crew said...

lil caliph - yup. thx for reading and your comment.

chaos - tau xpe. mmg pn x salah. tp kbykana pmpn cpt percaya pd seseorg.

Hafiz ChaosM said...

bab cpat percaya 2 ak stuju... pengalaman.. haha.. true story...

LI Crew said...

haha. tau xpe. based on true story nih. experience.