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i am trying to keep the blog updated.

and yeah.

as you guys can see,

the blog was quite.. dull.

[if only you can find spider web all over the blog. hehe]

yeah, evryone seems buzy,

AA:) and Chaos had started their Sem II classes.

A2Z and I, hehe are on our holidays,

Fye is at Intec, exam i guess.

and Seeker is now in Egypt.

so, may i update our latest status actualy.

me, AA:), Chaos , and A2Z are still the same in our local U choice
as i have posted before.
[refer here]

except for Fye and Seeker

Seeker is now in Egypt,
Alexendria University
taking Medic

Fye is now at INTEC Shah Alam,
taking Petroleum Engineering
foundation to USA
under Petronas.


as u guys can see.

we end up SEPARATING.

but in our heart,

we still ONE.

1Malaysia, i guess. :)

see ya!